Anniversary Vase

Working with Yael was an absolute delight! Her creativity and artistry are beautifully captured in a 2ft tall anniversary vase. I had a rough sense of key features I wanted to include, but it was Yael’s creativity which really came into its own with a design that flowed seamlessly, connecting all the different ideas together. We now have a beautiful memento to mark an important anniversary.

Aparna Barua-Adams

Anniversary Vase


Crank white stoneware, velvet underglaze, sgraffito


H: ~60cm, W: ~30cm

This planter was commissioned as a first wedding anniversary gift. It incorporates elements from Budhist and Bengali culture, such as peacocks and the lotus flower, signifying enlightenment, spiritual openness, patience, kindness, compassion, knowledge and learning - all of which contribute to a happy marriage.

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