Are the ceramics food-safe?

All tableware ceramics are food-safe unless otherwise specified.

Are the ceramic dishes dishwasher-safe?

In principal, stoneware can withstand dishwasher use. However, as most of my tableware is unglazed on the exterior, I would recommend handwashing.

Are the ceramic dishes microwave-safe?

I am unable to guarantee that the tableware is microwave safe.

Where does the wood for the spoons come from?

All the wood I use is responsibly-sourced, from whole trees or branches that have been removed legally, and taken with permission. I NEVER remove wood from a living tree.

Are the wooden spoons food-safe?

I do not use wood that may be toxic. Additionally, all spoons are treated with several layers of raw linseed oil, which sets and seals the wood. I recommend re-treating spoons with linseed, nut or tung oil occasionally. Although all the materials I use for this product should be food-safe, I cannot guarantee the absence of allergens.

I have an idea for a ceramic, wood or drawing project - can I discuss it with you?

Yes! I am happy to discuss any idea you may have to see if I can help.

I like a piece in your gallery that is no longer available to purchase. Can you remake it?

In principle, I can re-make ceramic pieces. However, since each piece is individually hand-made, I cannot guarantee a precise copy.

How long do commissions take?

This depends on the size and complexity of the project. When discussing a commission, we will agree on a realistic timeframe.

How quickly will I receive my order?

I currently aim to send orders within 3 working days of receipt. Delivery times will vary depending on postal services. If there are any delays, I will keep you informed.

Any other questions? Please get in touch!

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